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dimanche 29 juillet 2012

Two girls, Two styles, one Town : Paris

My first REAL Fashion shooting in Paris' streets. I was so excited! Here is the result.
Please give me feedback, it will help me a lot. Thank you

Photographer : Amelie GLAB
Models : Marie-Helene PANTHIER / Amelie GLAB
Makeup : CLARINS

8 commentaires:

  1. Really nice pictures !

    XX Luba
    Well living blog

  2. very Paris!

    love all the looks, so feminine, yet practical for everyday rush :)

    btw, I'm coming to Paris real soon, any shopping recommendations ?

    1. Thank you! And for shopping in Paris, you have of course, H&M and Zara everywhere, but if you want to discover brands or buy some well-known designers, I advise you to go to Printemps on the Haussmann avenue. You also have Lafayette, it's a beautiful shop, but there re too much tourists I think.
      Nice trip to Paris !

  3. Looks so cool! Sweet and beautiful pictures!
    xx, Anh

  4. j'adore le premier look et la première fille! je cherche des nouveaux visages à shooter, notamment pour des séries mode, comment je pourrais la contacter?

    1. La première fille est ma meilleure amie, je peux vous donner ses coordonnées par email, écrivez moi at
      Vous êtes bloggeuse?

  5. Oui, je tiens le blog electric-breeze et je suis photographe