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jeudi 17 mai 2012

Blog Fashion tour #1

Hello readers, I will create a regular review with inspiration and way of living of bloggers from everywhere in the world. Today, my first guess is Adrienne, a californian girl.

My name is Adrienne and I'm a blogger from Southern California - I was born and raised in Orange County and I currently go to school at UCI as a Biological Sciences Major. I am surrounded by beaches and it adds to my personal style-especially during the summer. Shorts and tank tops are a must during the summer however, I always add my own personality to it. I like mixing East Coast (sophisticated) and West Coast (bohemian) together to create a look. I'm inspired my various things in life such as paintings, music, buildings, graffiti...

Since the location of my home and school are surrounded by everything I love, I am always out and about -that is if I don't have to study! When I am out, you can find me wandering around Fashion Island or South Coast Plaza! For Fashion Island, I love how it is an outdoor mall where you can literally see the see the sun set on the beach! Some of the small boutiques carry interesting trinkets that are perfect for gifts! However South Coast is my favorite shopping destination! I love practically every store in that place especially Zara! I can never leave that complex empty handed.
After studying for a long time or shopping, I tend to get exhausted so I need to boost up my energy by finding food! I love trying new things so I am planning on driving down Pacific Coast Highway (the road that connects all the beaches together) and trying everything that looks appealing! But as for now, my favorite place to eat is this cute sushi place called Kokoro! It's near my house and everything tastes good! I usually go for the Sashimi dinner which REALLY fills you up or the Catalina Island Roll! If I need something fast, I usually go to California Pizza Kitchen and grad their Roasted Vegetable salad!

When you're in California, I believe everyone has to visit Hollywood, Disneyland, Universal Studios (all the theme parks) and then, depending on what type of person you are, you could opt for a serene and calm atmosphere by visiting the countryside -Napa Valley or literally burn under the California heat on the beach! There are so many things to do in California. Just get in a car, drive, and I'm sure you'll find something appealing!

Much love,


Thank you for reading, next destination --> Philippines !

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  1. Great post! Great idea!
    I Want It All
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  2. Awesome! I've always wanted to visit California. Great post. ♥