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jeudi 31 mai 2012

Blog Fashion Tour #3

Thursday!! The day of our Blog Fashion Tour! Today the destination is Moscow.

"Moscow, clearly, one of the future world fashion capitals. Now it is hard to say, but the fashion industry in Russia is constantly evolving. Young designers represent the integral and thoughtful collections of stuff that you really want to wear.
Of course, two of Fashion Week, held in Moscow - under the auspices of Mercedes and Volvo - the main fashion events in the city. It is here that we learn whose clothes we will wear very soon. This is where you get a huge charge of inspiration ...
What about shopping, the great number of shopping centers offers many opportunities. What about worthy places in which collected the best brand ...
They can be counted on the fingers. Of course, highlighted department stores, such as the TSUM with an atmosphere of luxury and comfort and Tsvetnoy Central Market, relocating to Europe, as well as the main trading point in the country - romantic GUM.
Living in fashion, it is impossible not to wish a warm winter. However, in Russia it is useless. In any case, we have to either wrap up in down jackets and fur coats or select shoes by depressing slush. However, fashion is always saved. When she lives in my soul, none of the machinations of weather is not terrible!"

Hope you have enjoyed, next week, we are moving to --> Bulgaria

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