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lundi 30 juillet 2012

100 Followers : one other step together

Today is an important day for me : I've reached 100 followers.
I know, it's not a lot compared to some other blogs, but I believe it is a big step. I remember when I had my first follower. It means that somebody like my work, and it give me hope and enthousiasm to keep on posting. Then, it came always more followers and I managed to reach 100! 101 more precisily.

I'd like to thank you all, you from all over the world for believing in me and giving me feedbacks. It really helps me to improve my blog.
I don't know what to say more, but you have to know, it makes me very very glad.


Kisses, Amelie

3 commentaires:

  1. Congrats!! I remember my first too & I still get SUPER excited when I see a new follower when I log in.

  2. beautiful!

  3. congratulations! :) i'm not there yet, but I'm so glad that you are! keep posting them awesome blog posts ;)