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dimanche 2 décembre 2012

Dina JSR Exclusive Interview

Christmas and New Year's Eve are approaching, so you have to find the perfect evening dress. During Paris' Fashion Week, I've met a designer, because her dress cought my attention. I contacted her and here is an interview to lear a little more about her. 

1) What are your main inspirations for the Fall/Winter 2012 -2013 collection?

My inspiration for the fall-winter collection was based on the swiss architect Mario Botta. His work was so detailed with a lot of geometric patterns, like rectangular, squares, and glass in which I recreated the transparency using lace.

2) Why did you choose to specialize into evening dresses? Does it have a special meaning for you?

 I always loved cocktail dresses and gowns. It brings out the elegancy and beauty in a woman. I also got inspired when I lived in London and Lebanon, where woman always had an occasion to wear dresses for a wedding, a Gala dinner, a cocktail or other many more occasions. So my aim was to actually recreate a line that is unique, different but at the same time elegant to be able to satisfy these fabulous woman and keep giving them new choices.

3) What make you choose the fashion world, and especcially the design branch for your carrier?

All my life I was fascinated in the fashion world and design. My brother found a sketchbook when I was 11 years old in which I sketched the drawing of dresses.  J I also have my mother and my great grandmother who both are fashion followers. My great grandmother always used to look at any dress I’m wearing and she holds the fabrics to see if its sewed nicely, if she likes the fabric, she even used to make me walk to see if it flows nicely so I really think that had something to do with me being inspired to design.

4) What vision of the modern woman your brand is broadcasting? Or what is your vision of the "Dina JSR Woman"?

I don’t see a specific woman, the way I look at it, I try to design dresses that is for different kind of women; a working woman, a mother or a sister. But the woman has to love fashion, appreciate the work and the details in the dresses and she has to love to look fabulous but always elegant. I come from a family with a mother, a sister and myself in which we all have completely different tastes but we have the one thing in common and is the love for fashion so that’s why when I design I look at up at these woman in my family and tell myself, I would love that if I had to go shopping we could all go together to one designer and each one of us is able to find a dress that fits our styles. Not only you’ll have the love of fashion in common but you’ll build up a bond to be able to spend a beautiful day with your loved ones.
5) Could you describe yourself in one word?

Thank you, 
XX Amelie 

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  1. Amazing dresses !

    XX Luba

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  2. great looks and lik the interview :) following u on google plus :) We cld stay in touch with Google/FB if you want :) Wld love to see u over at my blog!